SOLIDWORKS MBD helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D PMI, including 3D model data in industry-standard file formats (such as SOLIDWORKS files, eDrawings, and 3D PDF).


SOLIDWORKS MBD defines PMI directly in 3D, avoiding the expense and time associated with developing 2D drawings, which can run up to 50 percent of total development cost.


Beyond 3D PMI definition, SOLIDWORKS MBD helps organize the rich data into clean and structured 3D presentations with different views and display settings.

SOLIDWORKS MBD 2017 introduces many new enhancements to Model Based Definition that help quickly and accurately communicate critical product information throughout downstream manufacturing operations. New features include:


  • Basic dimensions for features of size and fully automated Polar Dimensioning Schemes.
  • Much more intuitive dimensioning process by allowing direct referencing of edges.
  • Accurately dimension cast or molded parts to easily create intersection geometry between drafted surfaces.
  • Publish 3D PDFs at different accuracy levels, giving you control over file size and quality.
  • Attach any other file to the PDF, including automatic creation of STEP AP242 files for direct manufacturing.
  • Interrogate dimension and tolerance changes and produce a concise report to help eliminate interpretation errors.
Define Geometry-Based 3D Annotations (Reference Dimension)
Define Feature-Based Annotations in Part (DimXpert)
Define Feature-Based Annotations in Assembly (DimXpert)
Import 3D Annotations
Create 3D Annotation Views
Show and Hide Annotations Automatically as A Model Rotates
Capture Comprehensive Settings with 3D Views
Compare 3D Annotation Differencies between Revisions
Reuse 3D Views in 2D Drawings
Publish to eDrawings
Customize 3D PDF Templates
Publish to Professional 3D PDF with 3D Annotations, Views, Configurations and Custom Properties
Control 3D PDF Accuracies and File Sizes
Publish BOM and Notes to 3D PDF
Attach Multiple Files upon 3D PDF Publishing
Create and Attach STP242 Files to 3D PDF or eDrawings Automatically
Export STP242 with Software-Readable Annotations