solidworks 3d printer


Solidworks 3d printer  is well-acknowledged in the market for its diverse features like durability, compact design, easy to use and reliability. This is designed by our skilled professionals in compliance with international standards at par with the set standards.


Our plastic 3D printers generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts, to optimize your designs, streamline your workflows and bring innovative products to market faster.


Additional Information:

Item Code – RxP2200 I Series



Print Technology :

Fused filament fabrication (fff)


Build Volume :

325 l  x 325 w  x 325 h mm


Layer Resolution :

0.02 mm


Material :

abs/pla/hips/nyl etc.


Filament Support :

1.75 / 3 mm


Enclosure :



Nozzle diameter :

0.4 mm [0.015 in] / other nozzle diameters on request.

Nozzle working temperature :

170-300 degree celsius


Heat bed :

Yes upto 140 degree celcius to ensure quality print using high glase filament like poly carbonate or nylon bridge or 945 etc.


Print file type :


Number of nozzles :



Print speed :

50-300 mm/s


Operation interface :



Outward Material :

High grade acrylic


Power requirements :

240 vac; 50/60 hz; 450 w


Connectivity :

USB, SD card


Print pause/ resume :



Multiple body color options :


Pulley / Belt :

Gt 2xy / z is lead screw. The base plate for print is supported with two lead screws on either side to ensure better stability. The screws are lead screw to ensure maintenance free performance.


Filament runout sensor :



Optional Features :

Wifi / lan connectivity / runtime camera (on demand)



Software :

Cura with all available plugins


3d model file types :

.stl, .obj, .amf, .jpeg


Operating systems :

Windows xp/vista, windows 7/8, mac

Special Features

Temperature nozzle isolation :

Allow the machine to differentiate and maintain the two nozzles at two different temperatures for multi-material functionality.


Filament Protection :

There is special protection mechanism for filament to ensure sustained quality print. The filament normally absorbs moisture from atmosphere. In this machine the filament is covered and gets heated when the bed is getting heated to ensure smooth and uniform flow for better quality print.

Thermo couples :

More proficient temperature sense device than conventional thermistors capable of bearing higher and accurate temperature sensing.


Integrated board :

Integrated electronic modules all in one place for faster machine operation.